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  • Brit Hotel Marbella - Biarritz
    Brit Hotel Marbella - Biarritz
Our customers recommend it4.1/5 on 25 reviews
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Excellent experience. Can't picture a better location

16/10/2019 - Sebastien B.

The receptionist, although not rude, ensured my that "she would take care of the problem" regarding my bill and the double charge. As noted, I made an online reservation where I specified the dates to the online agent. I was booked for the wrong date. More disappointing was the lack of response to my two e-mails sent to the hotel. It is incredibly unprofessional to simply not respond to customers, especially after assuring them that the problem was remedied. Wish I could give a better rating, because overall, the hotel was not terrible. Unethical business practices, however, are disgraceful.

12/08/2019 -